Ukrainian refugee support

Together for Ipswich is working with Christians and Churches across Ipswich to provide a co-ordinated response to the war in Ukraine.

Our current top priorities are:

  1. To support existing Ukrainian families as they support their newly arriving compatriots, by means of facilitating WhatsApp groups, meals, community hubs, vigils and other meeting points. 

  2. To provide support and learning to individual (and group) sponsors in the matching, arrivals and integration processes of Ukrainian (refugee) guests to their hosts in Ipswich.  We continue to recommend that potential hosts register their interest through Homes for Ukraine, Reset, Sanctuary Foundation, Opora and/or Ukrainedirect, and we also have reliable contacts in and around Ukraine who can help you connect with families in need.  We either provide (or signpost) hosts with cultural and trauma awareness workshops, 

  3. To help Ipswich churches develop their own plans and responses, through developing their awareness of current refugee issues, cultural training etc.

We are asking for volunteers to fulfil specific roles to help make this co-ordinated response. See here for details.
Please register your interest in hosting a family below:-
Name E-mail Postcode Name of Church or Group (if any) Are you seeking to host a family? Have you already identified a Ukrainian family to host? How many single bedrooms can you offer? How many double bedrooms can you offer? Do you have pets? Would you accept guests with pets? Extra information you wish to add
Do you give us permission to hold and use your information? We will not share your information with others without your permission.