about us


Christians in Ipswich held a conference in April 2021, “Ipswich I’m in”, to celebrate the many initiatives underway to support those in need in the town and to explore how to do more together. 

There was a recognition of the need to become more strategic and more co-ordinated through developing mechanisms for: 

•Dialogue with civic leaders and statutory agencies (an 'Engagement Vehicle')

•Enabling creative responses to identified gaps in provision / shared priorities (a 'Delivery Vehicle)

Among the many positive outcomes from the 'Ipswich I’m in' conference was an offer from Ipswich Borough Council to identify an officer as a key conduit into the council, highlighting the need for the Christian Community to reciprocate.

As a result, a group of Church and Christian charity leaders met together in November 2021 and agree to set up an ‘Engagement Vehicle” to be known as “Together for Ipswich”.


The main purpose of Together for Ipswich is to provide a communication vehicle between the Civic Authorities, particularly the Local Authority, and the Christian churches, charities and people in Ipswich. This will enable a better understanding of how local policy impacts on ordinary people, and a way to explore shared initiatives and effective partnership.

Together for Ipswich will provide a single point of contact for Civic Authorities into the Christian Community in Ipswich.

Representatives will work together to facilitate a work programme that promotes Christian values and activities which serve identified need and promote welfare and community cohesion across the town.

Over time we envisage their being representatives and ambassadors for Together for Ipswich that represent every Church across the town, Christian Charities and the sectors of Arts, Business, Education and Health. We envisage a lively and passionate prayer movement. We also envisage new initiatives that can be seeded and grown in areas such as employment, mental health, housing, youth work, families and children, domestic abuse, race, gangs, money and debt and addiction.

Steering Group

  • Simon Barrington (Chairperson and key contact for Civic Authorities)

  • Mark Crawley (Hope Church)

  • Archdeacon Rhiannon King (Church of England)

  • Canon Nick Atkins (Church of England)

  • Rev Simon Harris (Burlington Baptist Church)

  • Rev Jerry Brown (Colchester Road Baptist Church)

  • John Beech (Ipswich I’m In and Help is Here)

  • Dot Cordle (Families First)

  • Simon Scott (CYM)

  • Pastor Harold Afflu (Ipswich International Church)

  • Captain Andrew Jarrold (Salvation Army)

  • Rev David Rees (URC)

  • Rev Nathan Simmonds (Bethel Church)

  • Rev Tom Mumford (St Mary Le Tower Church)

  • Rev Matt Key (River Church)

  • Miss Jean M Johnson (St Mary's RC Church)

  • Derek Grimshaw (Methodist Superintendant for the Ipswich Circuit)