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Together for Ipswich is here to provide a communication vehicle between the Civic Authorities, particularly the Local Authority, and the Christian churches, charities and people in Ipswich. This will enable a better understanding of how local policy impacts on ordinary people, and a way to explore shared initiatives and effective partnership.

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Simon Barrington talks about the vision for Together For Ipswich


We long to see every Christian released to be good news in the whole of life, or spheres of life, in the Ipswich region: in Arts, Business and Workplace, Education, Family, Health, Media, Politics and Social Action and Sport.

The Christian community can take strategic action together in all of the spheres of life, to engage with and bless the Town of Ipswich. For example through tackling the Cost of Living Crisis, enabling welcome of Ukrainian guests and tackling challenge of providing affordable accommodation.

Together we can see transformation in all areas of life.

current programmes

Festival of Youth Voices to enable young people to shape the future of Ipswich

If we asked the young people of Ipswich to talk about their vision for the town, what would they say?

How might they describe their hopes for opportunities and their concerns over challenges? Given the chance, what would they say to the organisations that have the power to help?

Thanks to a partnership with CYM and Ipswich Social Mobility Alliance, it's all possible. Please getting involved. 


Asylum Seekers Day Centre

The Together For Ipswich Sanctuary Day Centre for Asylum Seekers in Ipswich opened at the end of April 2023.

Its purpose is to provide a safe, warm, respectful and friendly environment for our Asylum-seeking guests whilst also providing a wide range of activities and English conversation lessons as requested.

The Centre is based near the Town Centre and is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11-5pm until further notice.

It is run by an employed Centre Manager and a number of volunteers, mostly from TFI churches.

It has been organised primarily by St Mary le Tower Church on behalf of TFI and is supported by the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, a local anonymous charity, the Church Urban Fund, the St Lawrence Parish Hall Trust, Ipswich Borough Council, the Pickwell Foundation, the Annie Tranmere Charitable Foundation, Suffolk Refugee Support and Selig.

If anyone would like to know more about volunteering or any aspect of the Day Centre please contact the Centre Manager on

Ipswich Vigil for Ukraine

To remember the first anniversary of the recent invasion of Ukraine, an Ipswich Vigil for Ukraine took place on the Ipswich Town Hall steps on Friday 24 February.

Hosted in a partnership between Ukrainian community members, Ipswich in Prayer, Ipswich Borough Council, St Mary-le-Tower and Together for Ipswich, the event brought together approximately 300-400 people for the purpose of 'prayer, solidarity and unity'.  Many of them wore blue and yellow clothing, and were draped in blue and yellow flags.
Opening with his much-loved song 'Prayer for Peace' (written as a direct response to the Ukrainian crisis), Andy Rayner and his choir set the scene on what was to be a poignant but extraordinarily atmospheric evening.  As the sun set and darkness descended on the Cornhill, the crowd became increasingly aware of the yellow and blue hue that floodlit the grandeur of the Town Hall.  

Hosted by Revd Tom Mumford (vicar, St Mary-le-Tower Church, Ipswich), and with introductory contributions from Councillor John Cook (Mayor of Ipswich), and His Hon Judge Martyn Levett (Honorary Recorder of Ipswich), Alan Cutting (Together for Ipswich Ukraine Response lead) then thanked the various agencies, sponsors and employers who have contributed to the welcome of our Ukrainian community.  He went on to appeal for the ongoing support of our guests, outlining the challenges they are facing to secure employment and independent housing options, before reading Psalm 27.

With Liz Beaton by her side, Ukrainian Natalie Lawrence then prayed passionately for her country and its people - "Please Lord, bring Peace to Ukraine, Freedom, and a Bright New Future! Bring Justice, Righteousness, Healing, and Reconciliation. - Господи, принеси Мир Україні, Свободу та Світле Нове Майбутнє! Принеси Справедливість, Праведність, Зцілення та Примирення."
Natalie invited the crowd to say the Lord's Prayer together, each in his or her own language, before a beautiful, almost haunting rendition of Mykola Lysenko's "Bozhe velykyj, jedynyj" ("Oh Lord, Almighty and Only", and also called Prayer for Ukraine on poetry by Oleksandr Konysky), rang out across the silent Cornhill, while the crowd, some of them quietly weeping, reflected during a minute's silence, and candles were lit and torch lights shone from one hundred peoples' phones.  
The evening ended with the bells of St Mary-le-Tower calling back to us across the town, and hundred's of people who had braved the bitterly cold evening stayed longer still, to meet, pray, hug and weep with one another.    

Ukraine Response Review

Publication now available

Our 51 page review of the way local churches have welcomed those from the Ukrainian community who made Ipswich their home in 2022 is published here. The review includes the ways we have sought to match sponsors (hosts) with guests, the cultural training we have given, the community hubs we have set up, the lessons we've learned as we've worked alongside other providers, events such as Vigils and Job Fairs, and stories from hosts, Ukrainian guests and service providers.


Join the Together for Ipswich Facebook group where there is lots more information and chat about how Ipswich is coming together.

Help is here

Cataloguing practical help

We are building a searchable online database of all the ways Churches and Christian Charities can help and support people in need. With refugees starting to arrive in Ipswich, there has never been a better time to ensure we publicise all the great work going on in the town.

Please review the site and make sure your programmes are listed.


Liz Beaton

Father we thank you.

That you have brought us, Your Church in Ipswich, together at this time, uniting us in prayer and calling us to serve You as Your Body here.

Thank you that in the Bible we see the power of the Holy Spirit, the peace of Jesus, and the Blessing of the Father, released when your disciples are together. (John 20:19; Acts 2:1; Psalm 133)

Thank you that, gathering your disciples together, you gave them power and authority to go in your name and proclaim the kingdom, to bring healing and restoration, with your promise of protection. (Luke 9:1; Luke 10:19)

Thank you that we are being built together as members of One Body; that you are growing us in love for each other and for this place where you have called us to pray and work. (Eph 2:22; Eph 3:6; Eph 4:16;)

Send us out in the power of your Holy Spirit.

Make us truly one in heart and mind.

Teach us to pray;

That together we might serve you in humility and obedience, each playing our part, to see Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, lives transformed, and Ipswich alive in the plans and purposes you have for her. (Jeremiah 29:7,11; Phil 2:1-8; Matthew 6:10)

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    Ipswich In Prayer

    "Across Ipswich there are many individuals, small groups and churches praying. Our aim is to serve the praying community in Ipswich, recognising our common purpose, as together we pray, ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done’."

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